Computing Environment

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary scientific field that develops methods for storing, retrieving, organizing and analyzing biological data.

Our computational and storage needs are currently met by a distributed memory cluster “pseudopolis” and a large shared memory system “lobsang”.
Our HPC (High Performance Computing) systems can currently accommodate processing and storing over 60 terabytes of data generated during genome (re)sequencing and analysis.

pseudopolis is a small in house built general purpose cluster (“Beowulf” type), consisting of a range of Sun servers

● Sun Fire X2100 M2
● Sun Fire X4170 M2
● Sun Fire X4600 M2
● Sun Fire X4240

and a custom built network attached storage providing first hand computational power for everyday tasks. Its current size is:

● 60 compute cores
● 200 GBytes of memory
● 20 TBytes of storage space.

lobsang is an SGI UV 2000, a very large shared memory machine, acquired to enable our researchers to run the most intensive memory workloads. Its current size is:

● 216 compute cores
● 4.6 TBytes of memory
● 42 TBytes of fast local RAID disk.